Sunday, September 20, 2015

Friends, Family, and Neighbors make the world go round

So, still on the nostalgia train.  I must acknowledge how lucky of a person I have been throughout my life.  I have had the opportunity to learn from many different people, sometimes what not to do, but primarily the right thing to do.  The tenacity of being held to the same standards to others no matter size or ability is a very valuable trait, for which I thank Stacy and Tyler for showing me that in highschool on the football field every practice and every game.

When I moved from council, I thought my world had come crashing down.  Just a few weeks after we moved, I went to work for a farmer and had a stack of hay fall on me and shatter my leg.  So, there I was, a new kid in a place where most of the adults knew who I was because that was where my parents were from.  Laid up, on pain pills, (kinda like right now - minus the pain pills) and a couple of young men stepped up and befriended the weird kid who always wore his football jersey.  Phil would come over on a frequent basis and sit with me and play nintendo while I was drugged up.  As dumb as this sounds, it started a relationship where he has saved me on many more levels than he ever could have imagined.  Sam was another one who has been a stalwart friend.  Working beside me, getting in trouble, and having a lot of fun. Wes, Jed, Brandon, Stephen, and many other great guys in Trenton welcomed me in.  Not to mention all the girls. They treated me pretty good as well.

This has gotten away from where I originally wanted to go. So sorry for the abrupt change in flow.

Through high school, my LDS mission to Taiwan, my schooling and my family. People have always looked out for me.  I have always tried to be a friend to everyone I met, and still do.  I hope that through some ignorant act I have not offended,nor caused anyone harm. I am humbled on a regular basis, daily, on how many people reach out to check up on me and my family and wish us the best.  There was a time that I was always trying to help others, and giving service on a regular basis.  I must confess, in the last 5 years I have become indebted to all of the great people around me.  I look what I have done for others, and in return what others have done for me and stand head bowed as an unworthy person, grateful, but unworthy.

I guess what I really want to convey is a truly heartfelt thanks.  Thanks for all of the love and support that you all have given me and my family over the years. I pray I may have the opportunity to give some of that back.
Thank you, Merry Christmas and have a lovely day.
Love Andy Layne

Monday, September 14, 2015

Looking back - An appreciation for nostalgia

As I look back over my life, I can't help but recall some of the people who had an influence in my life. One of the best times in my life was when I lived in Council Idaho, and the fierce friendships that have developed and have endured over the years from those few people from the most awesome place on earth.  The lessons of religion, or politics not mattering.  It was as simple as having common morals and ethics, working together to be happy and have a good time. Friends that taught me the importance of knowing things. Like baseball stats, and geographical information.  The only reason I know how many feet are in a mile is because of Ryan Hatfield.  He knew so many numbers and could recall them at an instant. I felt I needed to memorize something, so it was the mile.  David Fisk a true friend if ever I had one. We had tons of fun together, worked hard beside one another so we could go goof off , it didn't matter whose chores needed to be done, the important thing was hanging out.  Christy, Alta, Shari, Tammy, and the other Tammy, Kala, Heather, and the other Christy, Tangi, I know I am forgetting a few all helped me to talk to girls. Which at the time I didn't realize how important that one little thing would be in my life.  And many many more I don't have the brain capacity to name. Many church and civic leaders, my friends parents. And I can't forget Glen, a mountain of a man even in the eighth grade, who is one of the kindest people you could ever meet.  Last but not least was Jason, who was always up for anything.  He just wanted to be going and have everyone going along with him.

Now if I didn't mention your name don't think you are forgotten, and if you feel I mis-remembered you, well there is a comments section.

Anyway, the reason for this post is I wanted to thank some of the people in my life who have done little things for me that have had a dramatic long term affect on me.  Part of it might be the pain pills talking, the other might be the lack of sleep.  No matter the reason, I have realized the last few days how someone in an instant or a few hours can have a life changing impact on you, or rather, me.
I recently found that when coming out of anesthesia, I am well, a little unpredictable and very much unlike myself in some ways and overly like myself in others.  I swore a bunch, was a smart aleck, told a guy he was satan because I was in hell.  And through it all the icu staff at huntsman still managed to continue helping me through their laughter and good times of working with a senile young (getting closer to middle aged) man. Their help made a huge difference in my state of health. Even though it was just 12 hrs at a time.  Many I never saw again and will probably not have the chance to meet again.
So to all of you who are working hard at what you do. To be the best everyday. I offer my humble thanks and sincere gratitude for making a small difference in someone's life, even though you may not have the chance the hear it from those you help.  As a kid who moved around a lot, my first real home in my memory, even though it was just a few years, is Council Idaho, the home of the Lumberjacks!

I know other places have treated me very good as well, but that is for another time.

Merry Christmas, and have a lovely day,
Love, Andy Layne

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Holy hell and hand grenades

well, to start off, I am on drugs while I post this.  It all started with me getting am iv then not giving a darn for about 26 hrs. Some of you may know that I usually have interesting recovery stories. This time is no different.
But we need to back up a little. Also keep in mind I am using my iPad and it has autocorrect so it makes my semi illiterate words totally illiterate. E
When they got inside they found that my tumor that was supposed to me 9mm.  About the size of a fingernail, it ended up being somewhere between a goofball and a baseball. So they had to do a complete lower left lobectomy not sure what it is but it has turned me into a cyborg with tubes coming out of my chest. (Sorry for the visual). They said I was not happy with one of the nurses. His name is Matt. If you remember. Matt was the same nurse that wouldn't look for my cat when I ripped out my iv while doing IL2. I also spoke a little Chinese to the Drs and nurses. The day nurse said I was doing really well. They wanted me to do three laps. When she left I had done 7. I have now done ten with a goal of twenty by midnight. Which will be a mile. Let's see what happens.  The dr seems to think that I might be able to come home  Saturday even with the lobectomy. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. And keep the dr.s and nurses at huntsman in you prayers too please.
Merry Christmas and have a lovely day,
Love Andy

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Humbled once again

As I sit in my living room unable to sleep and stress level through the roof, I can't help but acknowledge the amount of love and support I feel from all of you, my friends and family.  I have some greatly mixed feelings.  Not really keen about having surgery again, especially having part of my lungs removed.  But I am really excited about the notion of being cancer free.  The timing is less than optimal. With the kids starting school, and Peggy starting a new job as a Special Ed teacher. I can't help but think, "what the hell am I doing?"  Then I remember this wasn't a rash decision. Lots of time on my knees praying, doing a lot of research into the procedure, doctors answering endless questions, (I know the questions weren't endless or I would still be asking them.)  This has been helpful, I just fell asleep while typing. I am heading to bed.

Oh I almost forgot, Caity got asked to homecoming tonight. She is excited, so it must be a good thing, ;)

Merry Christmas and have a lovely day,
Andy Layne

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A change, for the better we hope

I apologize for my infrequent posting this year.  It has been a crazy year.  First the life impacting information then how things have been going for the year.

I had scans last week, and met with my doctor this week.  My tumor has shown some minimal growth while decreasing in metabolic activity.
What does this mean, no real change, so the tumor is still stable.

After counselling with my cancer doctors, we are looking at surgery to remove the tumor.  I have already met with the surgeon and his team.  We (and I say we because it will affect my whole family) will be having surgery on September 9th.  So prayers would be appreciated.  I will be having a resection of my left lower lobe.  We are hoping for a quick recovery and the good news is I will be cancer free.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since my last post Peggy has graduated and has accepted a teaching position at Three Mile Creek in Perry Utah as the special education teacher.  I credit myself a lot for preparing her for this job.  Primarily the challenges I give her on a daily basis.

This kids start school on Monday, Caity is a senior and Morgan is a sophomore.  Shaeli is finishing up school for being a medical billing a coding person.  Things are going really good right now.  My health insurance business is continually getting better.  Even with the uncertainty of having surgery we are optimistic of how things are going.  I will try to keep you up to date on how the surgery goes.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Lovely Day.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday, Hooray!!! who's playing again?

I made it before the month was over, I know its the last day, but I made it.  Goings on:  Peggy is doing her student teaching, Shaeli is working as subway still, Caity and Morgan are being studious and learning.  And I am working hard at selling Health Insurance.  So if you need health insurance give me a ring.  435-230-0278.  I might be able to help.

Ok enough of the sales pitch.

We have been working hard at keeping some new years resolutions.  Peggy's is to have me lose weight and eat healthier.  Mine is to make Peggy Happy.

Through the goodness of others (thanks Ron and Joan)  we have acquired a Bowflex Treadmaster.  It has been kicking my butt a half hour at a time.  Peggy, Shaeli, and I have been using it to see how the three different body types respond to the exercise.  I have lost several pounds and a few inches.  My goal for the year is to lose about 20 pounds, this machine has helped me jump start my year.

I have scans the beginning of March.  So we are hoping for no new tumors and if there is any growth it needs to be less than 20% of my last scans.  If we can fall in these parameters that would mean no treatment for a while.  As always my goal is 10 years from today.  Lots of love to you all and thanks for your concern and prayers.

Merry Christmas and have a lovely day.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

If its not broke, mess with it for a while and it will be.

First off, thank you to all of those I have ran into this Christmas season and mentioned that you keep up with us by reading the blog.  This made me realize I need to try and post a little more frequent.  This holiday season has been great!  Going back to Thanksgiving, spending time with family, laughing, joking, and sharing memories of years past.  This year Peggy's family made balkenbrij.    With all of her Uncles and Aunt together, it was a lot of fun being with them for an afternoon.  And the balkenbrij was wonderful, especially sliced thin, fried and on toast.  Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!  This recipe was derived from the Dutch Gods who thought lets throw all this in a pan and see if its edible.  Total winner on this one.

With Christmas coming fast and close on the heals of Thanksgiving we had to plan getting the house Christmasified.  It has long been a family tradition of putting the Christmas tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We missed it by about a week.  But got it up none the less.  We also opted to simplify this year.  We overdid inside and didn't put up anything outside.  I like doing this a lot.  It made the house feel a lot warmer with all the lights up and other nick-nacks setting around.  

We also had some really emotional times this Christmas.  We had some wonderful Angels do a "doorbell ditch" and leave a big box of wrapped presents on our front porch.  It was for the 12 days of Christmas.  The kids were so excited, there was a note that said open now.  So the kids started opening the presents that night.  About halfway through we realized it was for the 12 days of Christmas and discussed what to do now that half of the gifts were open.  They chose to open them all and make sure that we do stuff every night as a family.  The best part of all of this is the realization that through all that is going on this season, that there are still people who have our happiness on the front of their minds.  We also had one other Angel drop some stuff off at our house.  Lets just say, we had some major blessings this year and some prayers were answered.  I can definitely say that God hears our prayers and uses everyday people like you and me to answer those prayers.  I thank Heaven for those who listen to the inspiration from the Lord to have a good impact in others lives.  We took some time this Christmas to discuss how important it is to pay it forward.  Because there may always be a time when situations out of your control put you in a position where others may pay it forward to you.  

As the new year approaches, we have the opportunity to set goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.  I encourage you to set lofty goals that  you have control over.  I will be posting another blog when I get my goals finalized.  I know one of them will be to blog more consistently.  I enjoy sharing things with my friends, and family.  As I have traveled this long path you all have become my family, through prayers, and good thoughts sent our way, we have all become closer than friends.

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you safe.
Merry Christmas and have a Lovely Day,
Love Andy, Peggy, and the Kids.