Sunday, September 20, 2015

Friends, Family, and Neighbors make the world go round

So, still on the nostalgia train.  I must acknowledge how lucky of a person I have been throughout my life.  I have had the opportunity to learn from many different people, sometimes what not to do, but primarily the right thing to do.  The tenacity of being held to the same standards to others no matter size or ability is a very valuable trait, for which I thank Stacy and Tyler for showing me that in highschool on the football field every practice and every game.

When I moved from council, I thought my world had come crashing down.  Just a few weeks after we moved, I went to work for a farmer and had a stack of hay fall on me and shatter my leg.  So, there I was, a new kid in a place where most of the adults knew who I was because that was where my parents were from.  Laid up, on pain pills, (kinda like right now - minus the pain pills) and a couple of young men stepped up and befriended the weird kid who always wore his football jersey.  Phil would come over on a frequent basis and sit with me and play nintendo while I was drugged up.  As dumb as this sounds, it started a relationship where he has saved me on many more levels than he ever could have imagined.  Sam was another one who has been a stalwart friend.  Working beside me, getting in trouble, and having a lot of fun. Wes, Jed, Brandon, Stephen, and many other great guys in Trenton welcomed me in.  Not to mention all the girls. They treated me pretty good as well.

This has gotten away from where I originally wanted to go. So sorry for the abrupt change in flow.

Through high school, my LDS mission to Taiwan, my schooling and my family. People have always looked out for me.  I have always tried to be a friend to everyone I met, and still do.  I hope that through some ignorant act I have not offended,nor caused anyone harm. I am humbled on a regular basis, daily, on how many people reach out to check up on me and my family and wish us the best.  There was a time that I was always trying to help others, and giving service on a regular basis.  I must confess, in the last 5 years I have become indebted to all of the great people around me.  I look what I have done for others, and in return what others have done for me and stand head bowed as an unworthy person, grateful, but unworthy.

I guess what I really want to convey is a truly heartfelt thanks.  Thanks for all of the love and support that you all have given me and my family over the years. I pray I may have the opportunity to give some of that back.
Thank you, Merry Christmas and have a lovely day.
Love Andy Layne

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Hope you are doing well.
Jan kaae